My plan at the beginning of the year was to dive into more newborn photography. I invested in some education and was lucky enough to have a multitude of growing families book me to capture the excitement of welcoming a new bundle of joy. As parents reach out and we begin talking about what they’re hoping to get from their session, one common request if for those iconic, dreamy photos of a peacefully sleeping newborn. While those images are timeless and beautiful, there’s something incredibly special about capturing your little one wide awake, taking in their new world.

There’s a unique charm in a newborn’s eyes, giving off a little sparkle of wonder and mystery. When your baby is awake during their newborn photo session, their wide-eyed wonder can create some of the most captivating and memorable images. Those shiny baby blues (or brown, greens, etc.) convey curiosity, innocence, and a sese of discovery that is truly enchanting. Awake newborn photos can capture a depth of personality and emotion that sleepy photos may not always convey.

Consequently, when a newborn is awake there becomes a more dynamic interaction between the baby and the parents that can often be missed. You can capture those precious moments when the baby locks eyes with mom and dad, those tiny smiles or curious looks and the affectionate gazes from the parents. These interactions highlight the deep bond and connection within the family, making the photos even more meaningful.

While babies are easier to pose because their asleep, you can still achieve a variety of poses from an awake newborn… and BONUS you get their unique expressions. Those expression may typically be caused by gas or the like, you will cherish getting to remember those precious expressions for years upon years. From little yawn and stretches to those fleeting moments of surprise or curiosity, these images are heartfelt and one-of-a-kind.

And don’t forget to let the dogs loose for a photo or two so you can get that complete family portrait that reflects your unique household. Dogs bring out the best in everyone. Their playful and loving nature often leads to timeless candid moments, whether it’s a protective nuzzle or a playful lick. These images can showcase the bond between your newborn and their furry siblings from the very beginning. It is always worth the chaos of getting your pups to sit in the right spot as you try to keep the newborn in position to capture these genuine moments of the whole family.

If you’re expecting, now is the perfect time to start planning your newborn photo session. To ensure availability and give us time to prepare for a personalized session, I recommend reaching out about two to three months prior to your due date. We will use your due date as a tentative session date and I reserve time a few weeks in both directions from that date. We will discuss your preferences leading up to the session and plan for any special requests (like including pets). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!