As many of you probably know, being a photographer is more than just clicking away behind the camera. There’s the post processing, editing, marketing, gallery delivery, selling of prints, etc. Besides all the backend logistics there’s also the lead up, which I take a lot of pride in. Communication is key leading up to a session and I am always open to answering any questions that arise. One of the most popular things I am asked about is feedback on outfit choices so I thought I’d use today’s blog to break down my favorite outfits throughout last year’s photo sessions. And if I’m being honest, there were so many well dressed families I photographed last year so this is just a snippet of some of those adorable outfits!

Choosing outfits for a photo session can sometimes feel like trying to navigate the perfect storm. The outfits should be cohesive with one another but not look like something’s missing if you take out one component, photograph well and not clash with the surroundings, and, most importantly, feel comfortable and allow movement. The outfits I’m highlighting here not only look amazing on camera but they also capture the personalities of the people wearing them. From bold prints to timeless pieces with a twist, these outfits are sure to inspire you to bring your fashion A-game to your next photo session.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at my top family outfit picks from 2022!

Best Outfits of 2022

Who doesn’t love a monochromatic theme?! I absolutely adore how this family took blue to give their family pictures a unified look without matching from head to toe. The different shades of blue complimented each other well with a neutral thrown in as a layer to bring the whole picture together. The best part for me is that these photos were taken at a Christmas Tree farm so with the mom in a blue plaid you have a hint of Christmas but can still have these photos up year-round without thinking “Christmas”.

If you’ve ever taken an art class I’m sure you’ve heard of complimentary colors. The funny thing about complimentary colors is if you mix them they create a brown but if you put them side by side they provide a bold color palate that pops against each other. These maternity photos show how orange and blue bring out the subjects even against the re-blooming landscape of spring.

One of the easiest ways to have outfits look great together is by matching materials and having similar colors without matching completely. That is what this family did with their outfits to give them a gorgeous fall vibe before the trees actually turned colorful. Mom and daughter matched wonderfully with their jumper and skirt being the same material in complimentary colors. Their colors pulled out the plaid of little man’s shirt and everyone having black on tied everything together, especially with dad’s shirt having a little texture. The most surprising thing about these outfits is mom came to the photo session unsure of how they would all look together. Trust your instincts moms! You got this!

When I think of fall, I think of the leaves changing colors and the gorgeous color palate the landscape has to offer. This can sometimes get in the way of picking out photo worthy outfits for family portraits. One way to avoid blending in with the trees is by going with a darker pastel palette. What makes these outfits work so well together? The youngest’s outfit has a pattern that everyone else can pull a color from to be unified but the pattern isn’t too busy that it pulls away from the gorgeousness of the family. Add in the matching shoes and tights for the little and their gorgeous hairdos and you have a winning combination all around.

This year there was a trend of wearing “millennial green” for family photos. While I’m usually not a huge fan of green for photos, the “millennial green” is a softer green that doesn’t blend in even with the lush backdrop. Pair that with different shades of blue ranging from dark navy to light denim and neutrals such as khaki and cream and you have a winning combination. Especially when you give an extended family of ten (almost eleven) a cohesive look for a variety of photo combinations.

I’m sure you’ve caught on my now that one of my key ways to choosing outfits for family photos is by putting one person in a pattern and having everyone else pull a color from that pattern to give an overall cohesive look to your family photo session. Part of what makes that work is by also using a neutral color on one person to tie everything together. The thing I love about this family’s choice for their newborn photos is that they went primarily neutral with the color scheme but then accented with a blue for their new baby boy. By doing this, the newborn truly became the center of attention for their family pictures. Bonus for the way they repeated colors in a varying way when they changed outfits for their little one.

Do you have what it takes to be featured in next year's favorite outfits breakdown?! Start your booking process here and let me see the amazing outfits you come up with for your family photos when I see you on the other side of the lens!