There’s something truly magical about capturing the journey from pregnancy to parenthood. As a family photographer based in Greendale, WI, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless heartwarming moments as families welcome their newest members into the world. And as a mother who already has her fill of kiddos in her own household, these newborn sessions satisfy that baby fever that sets in every now and then.

Similar to how wedding photographers include an engagement session, I love when I get to see growing families twice during their journey to parenthood. With both a maternity session and a newborn session included in the Welcome to the World session bundle, you get comfortable and familiar so this extraordinary time in your family’s life can be beautifully documented. Let me take you through what makes each session unique and how to choose the perfect outfits to ensure stunning photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

The Maternity Session

It is recommended to hold your maternity session around 32-36 weeks pregnant. We’ll capture the radiant glow of you as expectant parents as you eagerly await the arrival of your little one. This time frame is recommended so there is a bump to show off but you don’t have to worry about going into labor early and missing your session all together (This has actually happened to me… A mom called the day before her maternity session to say she went into labor.)

When you’re choosing outfits, consider the backdrop you will be photographed in. Opt for darker tones that will pop against the warm, earthy backdrop or go with light neutrals to emphasize that pregnancy glow. Whether it’s a flowing dress to catch the wind or something form fitting to accentuate the bump, make sure you’re comfy and feel like you can move. Dress mom-to-be first and dress everyone else to match. Avoid busy patterns or overly bright colors as they can distract from the main focus – you and your growing bump.

The Newborn Session

Once your bundle of joy has made their grand entrance, it’s time to capture those fleeting newborn moments that you’ll want to cherish forever. The recommendation is to schedule this within two weeks of birth to catch them when they’re still in that sleepy newborn phase and avoid baby acne… it’s a thing. Newborn photo sessions are all about creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere where your precious new addition can shine and you can enjoy making precious memories.

Keep outfits for your newborn session simple and timeless. Consider opting for neutral colors such as soft creams, muted grays, or pastel tones that won’t compete with your baby’s natural beauty and put your little one in a color to pop against the neutrals. Again, stay away from loud patterns or bold prints and instead focus on soft textures and comfortable fabrics. Find a way to make your new addition the star of the show you welcome them into the family.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture the magic of this special time as you grow your family? Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one or you’ve recently brought them home, a family photo session is the perfect way to preserve these precious moments for years to come. Don’t let these fleeting moments slip away – get in touch today to book your session and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s create something beautiful together as you embark on this incredible journey into parenthood.