As a family photographer based in Greendale, WI, I have loved specializing in capturing the joy and essence of families throughout my business journey. However, coming from a childhood where I played softball and was known as a utility player, I also enjoy photographing the joy and love beyond families as well. One such experience is my venture into wedding photography. I have been fortunate enough to capture the special day as a primary shooter for three different couples but it is my experience as a second shooter that has given me valuable lessons that has enriched my approach to capturing love stories on a couple’s big day.

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I am so thankful to Amber Jablonski Photography for the opportunity to second shoot with her time and time again. I first shot with Amber for a July wedding in 2022 as I was prepping to photograph my first wedding as the lead wedding photographer. Being a second shooter allowed me to gain insights into the intricacies that go into capturing a wedding day. From understanding the importance of planning the day’s timeline to seamlessly blending into the background to capture candid moments, I’ve learned that every detail plays a crucial role in telling the unique story of each couple.

One common theme that weddings tend to highlight is couples’ two separate lives becoming one. My favorite part of photographing a wedding day is seeing that transition happen while you bounce back and forth between the bride and groom getting ready and then getting to witness them joined as one during the ceremony. And for icing on the cake (pun intended), the rest of the night is spent celebrating with their friends and family.

While second shooting, I have often been asked to catch different angles, closeups, and detail shots. By catching these interesting shots, I have learned in my own photography how important those detail shots are. It’s fun to get variety in those types of images in addition to traditional detail shots that have become expected of wedding photographers.

The biggest takeaway I have gotten from being a second shooter is to master the “fly on the wall” role. Photographing a wedding from this perspective allows me to capture genuine, unscripted moments that often go unnoticed. The behind the scenes stuff that might be forgotten if it weren’t for hiring a wedding photographer. Bringing this skillset to the wedding venue as a photographer, I strive to be unobtrusive and let the love between couples unfold naturally while I document those authentic connects that make each wedding day unique. I truly believe in letting couples simply enjoy a little extra time together away from guests and distractions to celebrate what brought everyone together.

If you’re a couple planning your 2024 wedding and are searching for a photographer who understands the intricacies of capturing love in its purest form, look no further. Let me be your storyteller, freezing those special moments in time that you’ll treasure forever. Get in touch to learn more about my wedding photography services and let’s create a visual narrative that reflects the unique beauty of your love story.

My journey from family photography to weddings, as influenced by my experiences as a second shooter, has shaped my perspective on capturing love and joy. Through meticulous planning and an unobtrusive approach, I strive to provide couples with a collection of images that truly encapsulate the magic of their special day. As 2024 unfold, I look forward to the opportunity of being your chosen photographer for your special day and preserving the timeless moments when I see you on the other side of the lens.

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