What a summer this year has been! This season seems to fly by faster and faster each year and before we know it fall is upon us. I hope you’ve all been soaking up the summer sun and making beautiful memories with your loved ones. Speaking of memories, there were some very special memories made during recent mini session events this year at the picturesque For the Love of Flowers Farm!

For those of you who missed it, this summer marked the second (of what I’m hoping will be many) annual mini session events at this stunning you-pick flower farm. Located in Franksville, WI, this place is nothing short of a floral paradise. From vibrant colors of the blooms to the fresh scent of the countryside, it’s the perfect backdrop for capturing those precious moments with your family.

This year, there were three mini session dates and the response to this popular event was incredible. A total of 24 families joined us bringing along their little ones, grandparents, and even a few furry friends… yes, we had adorable puppies joining in the fun! It was heartwarming to see everyone come together, smiling, laughing, and creating beautiful memories.

After each mini session, every family received a gallery of stunning photos. I’m talking about candid shots, giggly smiles, and the essence of your unique family bonds – all beautifully captured. These photos aren’t just pictures, they’re memories that you can cherish forever.

But that’s not all! To make each memory even more unforgettable, each family received a fresh bouquet from the fields of For the Love of Flowers Farm. So, not only did families get beautiful photos of family moments frozen in time but they also took home a little piece of the farm’s magic to brighten the day even more!

With all this rehashing of such a wonderful event, I know what you’re thinking… When’s the next one?! Well, here’s your chance to stay ahead of the game! Join the email list to be the first to know about next year’s mini session dates. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! Fill out the form here and you’ll get dibs on signing up for each mini session event.

OR if you want another chance to visit this year, I am hosting a new Truck Minis Special Event this year on Sunday, October 15th! A new installation of a vintage truck at the farm inspired me to come up with two setups for more family photos: a Harvest Truck and Christmas Truck. Make sure to hold the date and keep an eye out for when dates are released on the website later this week!

I also want to give a massive shoutout to our gracious hosts at For the Love of Flowers Farm. Their dedication to creating a floral wonderland is truly inspiring and I am so lucky to host this event in their beautiful field. The best news is… they’re still open through early October! So, if you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, make sure to check them out Thursdays from 5-7pm or Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-4pm.

In the end, it’s all about capturing those fleeting moments, cherishing them, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Thank you to all the amazing families who joined us this summer – you made these mini sessions truly special! Until I see you on the other side of the lens, enjoy the change in the season and keep making memories that last!