As a family and couples photographer based in Greendale, WI, there’s nothing quite like capturing those previous moments between two people madly in love. And it is doubly an honor to photograph a couple who met and graduated from my alma mater.

After securing their dream wedding venue at Halverson House for their 2023 wedding, we were able to hold their engagement session at the same location. Having their session in the same spot that their wedding would be held gave us a chance to scope out the location prior to the big day.

As I arrived at the venue, the sun was gently setting, casting a warm glow over the picturesque surroundings. It was the perfect location to highlight their love story. Several buildings throughout the grounds offered a variety of backdrops to frame the young couple.

Radiant with love and bubbling with enthusiasm, their chemistry was undeniable. It was truly an honor to preserve this special time in their lives. We explored the venue together, discovering nooks and crannies that were just begging to be photographed. It felt like each image captured a piece of their love story or a snapshot of their journey towards wedded bliss.

As a photographer, being able to document such a beautiful love story from the beginning is incredibly rewarding. It’s an honor to play a part in preserving these memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. I can’t wait to witness the continuation of their journey as they exchange vows next year, surrounded by their loved ones, and capture the emotions and magical moments that will unfold on their wedding day.

Stay tuned for a future blog post because I will definitely be sharing the highlights of their wedding day once that gallery is complete. If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding and looking for a photographer, check out the couples page for engagement pricing options or the weddings page for full package options. I can’t wait to capture your special day from the other side of the lens!