As a mom and a photographer, I think you could guess I love photos. I don’t just love taking photos, I love being in photos too. I have a terrible memory so I wish I could just freeze every moment I spend with friends and loved ones in a photographer to last forever. My husband… not as a big of a fan.

I know there are times I take way too many photos, I get the family selfie on nearly every outing or first day of swim class, etc. Being a photographer, I constantly want to hone my skill so you’ll often find me with camera in hand while we’re grilling out or I come across a tricky lighting situation I want to practice in. It can get on my husband’s nerves and for the most part, I get it. But I also hear other moms telling stories about how their other half just isn’t into the family portrait session, even when they’re wife isn’t as photo crazed as I am.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are a few ideas of how to get your husband to cooperate so your next photo session isn’t such a struggle:

Let Him Bring the Dog

They’re called man’s best friend for a reason and what better way to get your husband interested in taking photos than to bring his best bud along to the session. It can be difficult to dogs to settle down to have a photo taken, puppy energy is chaotic, but they’re still part of the family and should be included in the fun too!

Have Him Wear Something He's Comfortable In

As with everyone in the family, photos turn out best when you feel free to move around and be yourself. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing a straight jacket while trying to have genuine, authentic family moments captured on camera. Just give them some color or style parameters to follow so they fit in the scheme without dictating everything they’re wearing, down to their socks.

Offer an Incentive

We all know incentives work for children and aren’t significant others just big kids under all that feigned maturity?! Therefore, bribe your hubby with an evening away to go on a golf outing with buddies or let him choose the movie that night after the kids go to bed. At the end of the day, remind him how much you love him and appreciate his cooperation in getting these moments captured.

Trust Your Photographer

When you get to your photo session, roll with the punches, and trust your photographer. They want to get you all the very best shots of your family and typically have a plan of how to do that. Don’t bring your Pinterest board to the session and dictate each pose you want captured. This will slow the process down while your husband, and children for that matter, lose interest.

Ready to give that family photo session another shot now?! Let me know how these ideas worked when I see you on the other side of the lens!