There’s so much talk about two becoming one when discussing weddings and engagements that it seems only fitting to have had two parts to this engagement session for this one sweet couple. After all, there are so many beautiful moments to capture and it keeps the fun going when you spread it out a bit. Even better, we used the sunrise and sunset to bookend each session bringing the photos full circle. From the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan at Seven Bridges in South Milwaukee, WI to the golden hues of an open field along the Oak Leaf Trail in Franklin, WI, every moment was pure magic.

Due to an overcast and foggy morning, we didn’t quite catch the sun peaking over the horizon but we did have gorgeous lighting for a few photos among the trees and walking along the beach. The couple embraced the early morning chill as we set out to create memories that would last a lifetime. The gentle waves in the background added a touch of serene movement to the final images.

The couple walked hand in hand along the shoreline and were up for anything to get beautiful photos… including going into the water for some playful shots as they splashed and laughed with one another. Those candid moments of shared laughter and stolen kisses were like a sneak peek into the love story they were writing together.

Fast forward to our evening session a couple days later (due to a rainout on the same day), we found ourselves in an open field, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun. The couple’s connect was once again palpable, their joy radiating as they embraced and existed in each other’s arms. The field was full of wildflowers that seemed to be endless highlighting their unique bond and lasting feelings for one another. As they gazed into each other’s eyes, the world seemed to fade away, leaving just the two of them and their promise of forever.

As the sun slowly dipped below the horizon, we popped a bottle of champagne to cheers to their life together and the success that was their double photo session. Throughout both sessions, their love was the center of attention and I was merely there to document the beauty of their journey. The stolen glances, the intimate touches, and the shared laughter – all of these elements came together to tell a story that was uniquely theirs.

Are you ready to capture your own love story in a way that feels authentic and beautiful? Whether it’s a sunrise beach session, a sunset field adventure, or any other location that holds meaning to you, I’m here to help you freeze those precious moments in time with beautiful and fun couples session

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