On the brink of adulthood while still getting to be a kid for a little while longer, senior year of high school is one of the most memorable milestones a person celebrates in their life. As a family photographer who loves photographing seniors, I am here to share a few tips and tricks I’ve gathered to get the most out of your senior photo session.

Book your session early!

The best time of year to get senior photos taken are in August before beginning senior year. Once you get into the hustle and bustle of school demands it can become quite a chore to find a time to work with your photographer. Fall is also a busy time for photographers so you want to get on their schedule before they’re fully booked out. It’s essential to plan ahead and avoid any last-minute stress.

Show off your style!

Your senior photo session is all about you, your personality, and your unique style. Don’t be afraid to express yourself by bringing outfits that truly represent who you are. From casual and comfortable to fancy and refined, showcase the different facets of your personality through your clothing choices. Also, feel free to bring props (such a sport equipment, jersey, or instrument) or items that hold sentimental value to make the session even more personal.

Choose a location that helps tell your story!

The Milwaukee suburbs offer a plethora of beautiful locations, both urban and rural, that serve as beautiful backdrops for your senior photos. Select scenery that highlights your interests, whether it be a vibrant graffiti wall, lush park, rustic barn, or charming downtown streets. Work with your photographer by discussing your vision so together you can find an ideal spot that aligns with your desired aesthetic. Remember, the location can greatly enhance the overall vibe and storytelling of your photos.

Strike a pose… Naturally!

Posing can feel a bit awkward at first but don’t worry… your photographer is there to guide you and capture your best angles. It is important to remember that natural and candid moments often result in the most breathtaking images. So above anything else, just be yourself! Let you personality shine and engage in activities you love such as playing an instrument, reading a book, or playing your favorite sport. These genuine moments will create timeless memories and showcase your true essence.

Bring a friend for even more fun!

Having a friend, or even two, tag along to your photo session can make it even more enjoyable and relaxed. They can help you feel comfortable, laugh with you, and add a touch of spontaneity to the experience. Plus, having a friend around can make outfit changes and transitions between locations easier and more efficient. Remember, senior photos are not just about the pictures; they’re about creating lasting memories while having a great time!

Are you ready to make some incredible memories and celebrate the end of an era by booking your senior session?! Check out my milestone packages and then get in touch!! Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!