As a family photographer in Greendale, WI, I have had the privilege of capturing countless precious moments and milestones for couples and families. Each experience holds its own unique charm but some occasions have a tendency to stand out among the rest. One such unforgettable event was a proposal I was hired to capture at For the Love of Flowers Farm. Knowing his girlfriend would want the moment he proposed to be caught on camera, the groom-to-be cleverly orchestrated a surprise as he popped the question.

The Before...

The After!

October weather in Wisconsin is always a bit unpredictable. Sometimes it can feel like summer and other times we may see some light flurries. Even though this session was early in the month, we lucked out with a very chilly morning which presented us with frost-kissed flowers creating an unforgettable backdrop for this event.

With family being a huge priority for both of them, the groom-to-be planned out his proposal eliciting the aid of the bride-to-be’s sister and even had parents on standby to show up after she said yes. We had met a few weeks prior to scout out the farm and where he wanted to pop the question.

My alibi for having a camera on location was that I was taking photos to mark the end of the flower season. As they arrived near the spot, I asked if I could randomly take a picture since they would be the last people at the flower farm for the 2022 year and when the groom-to-be pretended to see something behind the bride-to-be, he dropped to a knee as she turned back around for the greatest surprise of her life.

I’m not one to get overly sappy but having the honor of capturing the bride-to-be’s genuine reaction of excitement and disbelief was a moment I will always treasure. The celebration of love continued as we captured a variety of photos from the proposal and engagement photos of the couple to immediate and full family photos. We were able to freeze time, like the flowers, to showcase the bonds between each family member and the love and joy the day’s events brought.

As a family photographer, I am continually humbled and grateful for the opportunities to capture the most treasured moments in people’s lives. This proposal I had the pleasure of photographing at For the Love of Flowers Farm in Franksville, WI was a testament to the enduring power of love, even in the face of chilly morning and fading blossoms. This meaningful event will remain etched in the memories of everyone present and they will be able to cherish the photos for a lifetime.

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