Newborn photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite types of sessions to photograph. I got into the business of photography because I wanted to take more quality photos of my kiddos from their newborn stage on so growing families is very near and dear to my heart.

This particular session was a bit last minute as this lovely family welcomed their adorable baby girl into the world without a photographer booked for a newborn session. I was excited to fit them into my schedule within the first two weeks of birth to capture their little one in all her tiny, newborn cuteness.

Now, you might be wondering… what’s the secret ingredient to making an in home newborn session truly magical? Well, it’s simpler than you might think. All you need is a little natural light and a well-designed nursery. This family had just what was needed to capture precious photos of their growing family.

Even though the front entrance to their home was small, ther front door offered a soft, warm light which was perfect for photos of their new addition. Despite it being slightly overcast, I couldn’t have asked for a better natural lighting setup. It created a dreamy atmosphere, casting gentle shadows that added depth and character to the photographs. Additionally, the wood paneling on the floor was a perfect backdrop in addition to the lace and fur textiles in the basket beneath the newborn.

After her solo pictures, we transitioned into the cozy nursery for a few family photos. Again, with just a small window, we had enough natural light to capture the love between mom and dad and their new baby girl. The nursery provided an intimate setting that truly showcased the genuine bond they had already formed as a new family of three. The images were filled with genuine smiles, tender embraces, and that overwhelming feeling of happiness that comes with new beginnings.

Once the session was complete, I couldn’t wait to share the final gallery with this wonderful family. And let me tell you, it was something truly special. The collection was chock-full of those frozen in time moments that make your heart skip a beat. From the serene expressions on the newborn’s face to the heartfelt laughter shared by the parents, each photographer spoke volumes about the love and oy that filled their home.

In the end, it was a reminder that the most important ingredients for a successful in home newborn session are not elaborate props or extravagant settings. It’s the natural light that pours through your front door, illuminating your home and your hearts. It’s the thoughtfully designed nursery that becomes a backdrop for your most treasured moments. And, of course, it’s the love and connection that bind a family together.

If you have a little one on the way, consider having photos of your growing family taken in your own home. It provides a personal touch that only your home can provide. See pricing options here and then get in touch to receive your own stunning gallery filled with memories that will be cherished a lifetime.