Before officially becoming a photographer, I was an avid Pinterest scroller always looking for cute photo poses or crafty ideas to do with my kiddos. One photo idea I continually came across was glitter photos! Sounds like a headache but how cute is sparkles of glitter flying everywhere in the photo frame?!

So I got myself to the craft store, bought some purple and pink glitter (because those are my daughter’s favorite colors), and did some research about the best camera setting to use to get top notch results. Low and behold I get home and realize my three-year-old, who is stubborn as they come, is maybe not the best subject to test this photo shoot on since it will require some patience and waiting with glitter. I could just foresee too much glitter flying everywhere before I was actually set to shoot the shot.

Enter… these two little ladies! Knowing their mom since high school, I knew they would be the perfect pair to test out a glitter photo shoot on. And what a success it was!! We got some adorable pre-glitter photos and had so much fun blowing, tossing, and rolling in the glitter. Pretty sure the rolling in glitter was the all-time favorite part of the day. That or the suede sofa…

The clean up of course was a bit rough due to the humidity (we did the photo shoot outside in June) and the glitter sticking to the girls. But thanks to a dust buster and picking off the glitter like ticks the only lasting pieces provided the girls with a little extra hair sparkle for about a week.

Do you have a photo shoot idea you’ve always wanted to try but just weren’t sure how to pull it off? Fill out my contact form and let’s bring those ideas to life when I see you on the other side of the lens!