As a family photographer, there’s nothing quite like witnessing your clients grow over the years. Typically, it’s about seeing how babies become toddlers and those toddlers transition to being kids. But there’s also something very special about watching a high school student transform from their youthful freshman or sophomore year into a confident high school senior. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing one such journey for one of my first families to photograph as I began my business.

When I took on being a photographer, one of my early clients was a warm and friendly family who ventured out for some last-minute holiday card photos on a blistering 30 degree day. The floral scenery we had hoped for was long past it's prime because frost advisories had set in that week and snow flurries even made a small appearance for our mid-November session. Little did I know that this connection would turn into something truly special: a memory we could laugh at during each annual family sessions and the honor of being behind the lens for their daughter’s senior photo session!

This session took place at Lake Park in Milwaukee, WI which has a variety of picturesque spots offering a charming backdrop for classic senior portraits. From lush greenery to a lighthouse and timeless architectural bridges, the scenery created photo options for different moods and expressions. To add a varied dimension to the final gallery, this senior brought along a wardrobe change completely transforming the session from casual to dressy. This not only showcased her personal style but also the versatility of the park’s landscapes.

Seeing this young lady grow up in front of my own camera is indescribable. There’s something truly heartwarming about being a part of a family’s memories, watching them evolve over the years, and capturing these pivotal moments. I am so incredibly thankful for each client who has been supportive of my business, from the very beginning to the many new faces I've met just within the last month and year.

Start your journey with Weber Photography today by checking out my family session packages. Or if you have a rising senior, check out my milestone session packages to get on the books for one of the most momentous occasions of their lives. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens!