I had never heard of a “You Pick ‘Em Flower Farm” until the summer of 2020. Do you remember that summer?! The summer of Covid when everyone’s goal was to find outdoor activities so you could still enjoy time together while making memories despite being semi-secluded from the world. For Love of Flowers Farm was a hidden gem our family found that summer and continues to be an entertaining family excursion we look forward to every year. Not only that but we also bring home a freshly cut, colorful bouquet that adorns our house for weeks.

This year, I am so excited to be partnering with For Love of Flowers Farm to bring you summer mini sessions. After marrying a life-long hay farmer, Kelly Datka, owner of For Love of Flower Farm, opened her personal garden for picking to family and friends. With a friend’s encouragement, she has now expanded the field to roughly two acres and continues to grow each flower from seed. The process begins in a greenhouse and moves to the field when Wisconsin frost is no longer looming in Spring.

Besides leaving the flower field with a beautiful bouquet, the time spent there is chalk full of unique experiences… don’t miss the chickens! Your visit is a time to slow down and enjoy spending time with family and friends all while being surrounded by stunning scenery. Visiting the flower farm gives a whole new meaning to stopping to smell the roses. Make sure to leave yourself time to enjoy all the flower farm has to offer and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens!