Almost all of us have seen or taken the monthly pictures to track the growth of a baby during their first year of life. I did it for both of my kids and then displayed their monthly portraits at their first birthday party. On top of that, I also captured more formal portraits at three, six, and nine months in between their newborn and first birthday photos. Doing this is actually what spurred the milestone category of photos for my package offerings… because there are so many milestones to capture throughout our children’s lives and the time passes so quickly.

This year I had the opportunity to capture another set of milestone photos for the youngest member of this beautiful family. The journey towards this series of photo sessions actually started with maternity photos where we captured the anticipation of his arrival, which led into an adorable newborn session incorporating a sports theme.

Since we had the sports theme for the newborn photos, we decided to continue that trend for the milestone photo sessions alternating between football and baseball. The seasons hit nicely too as his three month photos were taken at during playoff football, his six month photos at the start of baseball season, and his nine month photos just before preseason of football kicked off again. Oddly enough, his first birthday photos are jumping back to baseball just in time for the playoffs and world series… make sure to check back later for a recap of that session!

As we reflect on this wonderful journey through a baby’s first year, I am excited to extend an irresistible offer to anyone who is thinking of capturing these monthly milestones. When you book all three Snapshot milestone sessions together, you will receive 30% off your total. Whether it’s the adorable tummy time at three months, the giggle and crawls at six months, or the (possibly) first steps at nine months, I’ll be there to freeze those precious moments in time.

Don’t let these milestones slip away! Contact me today to book your own milestone sessions and create a heartwarming storybook of your baby’s first year. Let’s capture the laughter, the growth, and the pure joy that make these moments unforgettable.

Plus, as a bonus, maybe throw in a family portrait each season to highlight how you all are bonding and growing as a family! I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens and watch baby grow by celebrating each milestone leading into his first birthday!