When I took my hobby of being a photographer into a full-fledged business, I never thought I would photograph weddings. I was all in when it came to taking family photos but was so nervous about photographing what many consider to be the most important day of their lives. However, there’s something truly magical about weddings that gets me all jazzed up so when I received the opportunity to photograph my first solo wedding in October 2022, I couldn’t resist.

In the process of booking the wedding, I met with the bride and we chatted about my photography style and how that aligned with what she was planning for their special day. Since the couple had already received engagement photos, we scheduled a family session a few months prior to the wedding so we could get the opportunity to work together before the actual wedding. Both the bride and groom have children so their union was creating a beautiful and chaotic blended family.

When it came to the wedding day itself, every picture I captured was a testament to the couple’s love and the joy that surrounded them. From the exchange of vows under a beautifully adorned archway to the exuberant celebration with family and friends, I was immersed in the energy of the occasion. Each smile, laugh, and stolen glance told a unique story of love and unity.

One of the highlights of the day was capturing the first look between the bride and her father. The bride looked exquisite in her gown and seeing her father’s face light up with pure joy and pride when he turned to see her was breathtaking. The moment was filled with tears, laughter, and an undeniable love between a father and his daughter.

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding day, I would highly recommend finding a period of time to sneak away as just a couple with your photographer. This gives you the chance to capture meaningful photos of just the two of you and have a moment to breathe between running around from getting ready to the ceremony to the reception and everything else in between.

For this warm autumn day, we used the golden hour of sunset to capture breathtaking photos. The couple radiated happiness as they embraced against the backdrop of tall grass. The soft, romantic light illuminated their love and we even had a chance to throw in a few creative photos highlighting the veil for an extra touch of charm.

Photographing my first solo wedding was a journey that surpassed all expectations. It was an honor to witness and document he union of two families, capturing their love and devotion in every frame. From the first look to the mesmerizing sunset portraits, the day was a testament to the power of love, laughter, and the art of capturing timeless moments. I am grateful for the trust bestowed upon me and eagerly look forward to capturing many more love stories in the years to come. If you’ve just started the planning process of your wedding day and are in need of a photographer, check out my package options here and then get it touch!