After the chaos of the holidays subsides and the winter months close in after the New Year, there is a season of rest, renewal, and anticipation for the year ahead. During this time, I find myself immersed in reflection and setting my intentions for the year ahead. It’s this precious time that allows me to breathe and focus on refining the services I provide to you – my cherished clients.

Last fall, amid the numerous families I had the honor to photograph, I found myself also photographing about one newborn photo session per week… talk about baby fever! The sheer abundance of these sessions served as a beautiful reminder of my humble beginnings. It was when my first born came along that I decided to hone my photography skills. And when my second little was on his way was when I decided to start my business.

Even during this perceived lull in activity, the demand for newborn sessions has remained steadfast. The allure of capturing those fleeting moments of innocence and joy has inspired me to make a profound commitment this year: mastering the art of newborn photography.

Most of my newborn sessions have been in-home lifestyle sessions and FEAR NOT – I’ll continue offering the warmth and authenticity of lifestyle newborn sessions within the familiarities of your homes. However, I’m thrilled to share that I am embarking on a comprehensive course that includes various facets of newborn photography. My ultimate goal is to broaden my photography offers to include solo posed baby portraits, allowing for even more of an insight to the charms and beauty of newborn babes.

Are you, or someone you know, expanding your family soon? I would love to have you join me on this exciting journey and freeze those precious early days for you in photographs. I’m looking forward to not only expand my technical expertise but also create timeless memories that will adorn your homes for generations to come.

Contact me to get your session on the books or see more of what I have to offer by exploring my newborn portfolio and checking out my photography package options. Here's to a year filled with capturing the magic of new beginning and crafting memories that stand the test of time!