It’s hard to believe that I started this business three years ago already. At the time I was almost seven months pregnant with my youngest and torturing my oldest with fine tuning my photography skills. Having my own photography business had always been in the back of my mind but I knew there were some gaps I had to fill to serve people to the fullest of my potential. I started investing in my education and learning as much as I could about being a photographer, again while practicing on my daughter… much to her dismay.

I was auditing a business class at UW-Milwaukee for performing artists in the hopes of better understanding the administrative side of owning my own business when I was inspired to finally just go for it. The class centered around creating all the necessary things to develop a brand for your business and understanding the behind the scenes work that goes into running a successful business.

My first year was all about trial and error and learning from my experiences. I jumpstarted my business with sessions for family and friends and hoped for the best to get my name out there by word of mouth. Which ironically worked pretty well for the most part but I also realized there needed to be more than word of mouth to truly grow my client base. I ran my first mini session event at Poplar Creek Tree Farm which was so much fun!! It was a full day with 20-minute sessions from early morning to just before sunset. This made me realize mini sessions need to be done in shorter spurts which is why I only offer 2-3 hours per date for mini sessions now. I finished 2021 with a new baby and high hopes for upcoming years.

The second and third year of business I continued to focus on growing my client base with writing this blog, partnering with other businesses such as For the Love of Flowers Farm, and expanding on my client experience. Through these years of experience and as I continue to grow in my skills, I am determined to offer each client an unforgettable time that gets frozen in time to remember for a lifetime.

One of my favorite things about this business has been the friendships I have made and the clients I get to see time and time again. So many families have trusted me with special moments such as pregnancy announcements, welcoming a new addition to their family, celebrating senior year of high school, or simply documenting another year of life for their family. I am truly grateful for everyone who graces the other side of my lens and am constantly looking forward to the next session on the horizon.

While I continue learning things, it has been an absolutely wonderful journey so far. Full of laughs with great people, many of whom I now call friends. I am eternally thankful for the experiences I have had and continue to have. If you want to be part of this fourth year of my photography business or beyond, reach out and let’s get something on the books. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens soon!