Today’s blog post is a look into the personal side of things here at Weber Photography… Yesterday marks seven years since the hubs and I got hitched and what a whirlwind of seven years it has been. Adding two kids into the mix and surviving the pandemic, we have maintained our annual anniversary photo taking… even though schedules are chaotic and days are fleeting.

I know we often get caught in the hustle and bustle of running kids around to activities and enjoying the warmer weather (I mean, we only get to enjoy it for a short period so you have to indulge as much as possible). And it seems the first thing to be put aside when life gets hectic is quality time as a family. Turning off devices and truly enjoying the moment. I am fully guilty of this myself. We get wrapped up in staying in the loop through social media and needing to be available to everyone by being just a text or phone call away.

One thing I have truly come to enjoy is our annual trip to The Waters in Oshkosh, WI. We were married there and have created a tradition of going back each year to recreate two photos. It becomes a day of chatting together in the car and now, with the kiddos, a chance to see our little ones transform right before our eyes.

While we are taking photos, there is a fair amount of chaos… especially with two toddlers to wrangle. But we also get to capture precious moments that will last for us to cherish for the rest of our lives. We take 20 minutes to unplug (because no phones are allowed in pockets during photos) and enjoy our time together.

This is why I love being a family photographer as well. Each family session is an excuse to leave your phone in the car and reconnect on a personal level with those who mean the world to you. Yes, there will be times of crazy energy and needing to wrangle it in for that only photo of everyone looking at the camera. But don’t let that chaos and the busy-ness of life deter you from having family photos taken all together.

Embrace the chaos and enjoy the silly photos that result from it. Take the time to reconnect and cherish these days before they’re gone. I would love to be the photographer who allows you time to disconnect from the world and make new memories with your family. Get in touch here to book a session or follow along with upcoming mini sessions by joining the email list. I can’t wait to give you time with your loved ones when I see you on the other side of the lens!