Mother’s Day is a time to honor the incredible women who nurture, love, and guide us throughout our lives. It’s a day to celebrate the bond between mothers and their children, a bond that is filled with countless precious moments that deserve to be cherished forever.

During my journey as a family photographer, I have seen so many strong women share heartwarming moments time and time again with their precious little ones. From the tender embraces shared between a mother and her newborn to the playful laughter that fills the air during a family session with toddlers and teenagers, each moment is a treasure to behold.

One thing I’ve learned through my work is that mothers are often the ones behind the camera, using their phones or polaroid cameras to capture memories of their children as they grow and experience the world. While these photos are invaluable, it’s equally important for moms to step in front of the camera and be part of the memories they’re creating.

As a mother myself, I understand the struggle of getting on the other side of the camera. Which is why I encourage every mother to take the time to freeze these precious moments in time with a professional photo session. And also why I take time during each session to photograph each parent by themselves with the kiddos. Whether it’s a candid moment of snuggles on the couch, a playful tickle-fest in the backyard, or a tender kiss goodnight, these moments deserve to be captured and preserved for generations to come.

And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by investing in a timeless keepsake that celebrates the love and bond between you and your children? To help all the mothers out there take the leap to get out from behind the camera, I am offering 10% off any regular session now through the end of May 2024. Just mention this blog post when you get in touch using the contact page and let me capture the love, laughter, and joy that fills your heart as you embrace your little ones in moments of pure happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day!!