Fall is often associated with crisp weather and trees changing to colorful mirages of warm hues before losing their leaves altogether. There is immense beauty in the changing seasons but if you’re well acquainted with the uncertainty of the seasons like this born and bred Wisconsin girl, then you know Wisconsin in only predictable in being unpredictable.

Sometimes however, it feels like the universe conspires to make everything fall into place. And that’s exactly how it felt on a beautiful fall morning when I was scheduled to photograph an extended family. As I prepped my camera for the day’s photo session, I was in awe of the fall colors that donned the trees and couldn’t believe my luck that I had a double session day.

The temperature was just right as the air wasn’t too crisp yet cool enough for the family to be adorned in cute fall attire. Speaking of their clothing, have your ever tried getting a group of seven to coordinate outfits? It sounds like a challenge but this family absolutely nailed it! Their outfits fit together effortlessly like pieces of a puzzle, complimenting each other without being overly matchy. The colors and styles meshed creating a cohesive look across every picture frame.

Although the weather was perfection and the trees hit their peak of fall color just in the nick of time, this session did present its own challenge in the form of a rambunctious two-year-old. As any seasoned photographer knows, working with young kids requires flexibility and a dash of creativity… especially when pictures are the last thing the toddler wants to be a part of. So, while the toddler might have had his own agenda that morning, we still managed to capture those candid moments that truly define a family.

The variety of shots we got from this session was nothing short of incredible. Whether it was the entire extended family, the parents with the baby, grandma with her children, or aunt and uncle with the toddler – we had every combination you can imagine covered. Even the moments of the toddler on his own mini adventure turned out to be some of the most heartwarming gems.

This is just a small reminder that while coordinating outfits and getting little ones to cooperate can be challenge, the end result is always worth it. The laughter, the genuine smiles, and the love that radiates from these photos make every click of the camera so valuable.

If you’re hoping to catch the changing colors next fall, consider booking your fall session early! These months get busy quick for photographers and you don’t want to lose out on your opportunity to capture those updated family photos before you need them for holiday cards and gifts. Join the email list if you want to know when next year’s mini sessions open up or contact me to set up your own session. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens to embrace the candid moments and make magic in memories captured on camera!