“A picture is worth a thousand words”… We’ve heard this said a million times that by now it’s old hat and I’m not even sure who said it to begin with. But sayings that gain momentum to be used time and time again ring true, which is why they become notorious. This saying has become even more true in the recent years with the way social media is driving our content intake these days. The continuous scroll has become a daily habit and pictures are what catch an audience’s attention most.

In the wake of social media, branding photos have become a necessity for businesses. It is essential to have the ability to stop the scroll with amazing photographs showing your audience how you do what you do. Enter… your friendly branding photographer based out of Greendale, Wisconsin (hint, hint… that’s me)!

As much as I love family sessions and live for milestones to celebrate the big moments in life, branding photography in many ways is my cup of hot chocolate (my preferred cold weather drink)! I honestly enjoy the structure paired with creativity that is needed to make a branding session successful.

It all stems from the initial consult call after your inquiry when I learn more about your business and how I can serve you to reach your audience. We discuss the types of photos that highlight your personality and how you will use the photos on your social media, website, and other platforms. After our initial consult, I send a questionnaire that will you to help you fully define your brand and use that as I go into creative brainstorming, trying to come up with photos that will be “scroll stopping” content. We have one more chat via Zoom about three weeks prior to your session to discuss storylines that I am planning on so I can get feedback and refine my shot list leading up to your session.

During those last three weeks, I am in constant contact with how to prepare for your session to make sure things go as smoothly as possible the day of. I send out a timeline of the day and a list of props you will want to have at the ready to get you not only photos of yourself but also stock images of your products or tools you use in your business.

The day of the shoot is fast paced and fun as we efficiently go through the shot list to capture all the moments that show the essence of your business. Through the planning process, I am able to learn about your personality so these photos can become unique and true to who you are as a business owner. You receive a preview gallery within a few days of the session and the final gallery is sent out three weeks after the session date. I then follow up the final gallery with one more questionnaire so I can continue to learn from my client’s experiences and enhance those experiences going forward for your next branding session.

Are you ready to ditch the run of the mill website photos and pad your social media content? Check out what Weber Photography offers for branding photography sessions here or jump right to the contact form to get started on your booking process today. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the lens!