Let’s have a quick chat about man’s best friend… although if we’re being honest, they’re everyone’s best friend! Even the pups that actually have a little bite behind their bark are part of the family and should be included in family photos whenever possible. But what do you do when you have to wrangle one or two dogs PLUS those uncooperative toddlers? The answer is simply this… find a photographer who is comfortable with toddlers and canines with the ability to practice patience to get you that full family Christmas card worthy image.

Trust me, I’ve been there and completely understand the potential challenges of coordinating toddlers and pups for a photo session. But let me assure you, the effort is worth every wag and giggle. If your session is being held in your home or outdoors, your dogs are not just welcome – they’re an integral part of the family photography experience. Half the time, these pups were part of the family before the toddlers were even a twinkle in dad’s eye.

If you’re looking for a few tips and tricks to make your next family photo session with your furry friends less of a stressor, these are just a few nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up from being a family photographer and also having family photos taken with our pup.

Choose Familiar Settings

Selecting a familiar environment for your family photos session is key to ensuring comfort for both your little ones and your furry friend. Whether it’s the coziness of your home or the favorite park where your dog loves to play, familiarity will set the stage for natural and relaxed interactions.

Incorporate Play and Breaks

To ease any potential tension, I encourage playfulness during the session. Allowing your children and dog to engage in their favorite activities not only captures genuine moments but also keeps everyone in good spirits. I do my best to maintain an aura of patience to ensure that no one feels overwhelmed and the atmosphere can remain enjoyable throughout your photo session.

Bring Treats

Having a quick, non-messy snack for the kiddos and treats for your pups can pull attention to the camera and persuade cooperation from all parties involved. It helps with creating an environment where everyone feels at ease and ready to showcase their true personality in anticipation of a sweet treat after that million dollar smile is achieved.

With years of experience photographing families and their canine companions, I have a deep understanding of the dynamics at play. I try to anticipate those spontaneous moments that capture the essence of your family in a way that feels authentic and heartwarming. The true magic lies in capturing genuine expressions and emotions.

By combining a comfortable environment with my professional expertise, my ultimate goal is to always deliver the coveted “money shot” – that one image with everyone looking at the camera with ear-to-ear grins, even your pups! Together we’ll create timeless photographs that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, showcasing the unique beauty of your family, complete with the delightful chaos and unconditional love your dog brings to the mix.

With all this in mind, don’t forget that spring is just around the corner… What better time to schedule a family photo session that includes your furry friends? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture your family as a whole, complete with your beloved dog. Contact me today to book your session or grab a mini session spot before they’re all gone!