For most, the 4th of July is a day off work to enjoy a barbeque and fireworks with family and friends. For our family, it has become a three-day celebration event. It all started six years ago when we got married on July 2nd so each year we begin the celebration with our anniversary. Originally being from Appleton, we used to travel up to celebrate with my family since they do their fireworks on July 3rd. And then we would come back to Milwaukee to enjoy some time with the Weber side and finish off with one last set of fireworks.

Wedding Day

1st Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary

4th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

6th Anniversary

Along with the celebration traditions, we also started a second tradition of taking our photo at our reception venue each year. It started kind of by accident when we decided to spend our first anniversary at the bed and breakfast we stayed at for our wedding. I needed photos to create promotional materials for my upcoming masters recital and figured while we were in Oshkosh we might as well stop at The Waters since it is so picturesque there. Since we ended up recreating a few photos from our wedding we began stopping by each year to take photos which subsequently has become a tradition to track the growth of our family.

If there’s one thing I learned from all of this, it’s how quickly time passes and these traditions are timeless. Are you ready to start your own photo tradition?! I hope to capture it for you from the other side of the lens!