I feel the need… the need for speed!

Especially when I'm chasing smiles from an almost one-year-old for a family session followed by a cake smash. Which, if I’m being honest, was one of my favorite cake smash themes I’ve seen so it was an absolute honor to capture these photos!

When we hit that one-year milestone it is easy to forget the true warriors that made it through that first year: the rest of the family. Parents have cultivated and sustained life for an entire year. If siblings are around, they have (hopefully) welcomed the new addition and given up their time with mom and dad so the new baby could be cared for. Because this first year is a triumph for everyone involved, don’t forget those family photos when you’re approaching that first birthday.

But if we’re being honest, that first birthday is all about the birthday boy or girl. We celebrate with photos and (most likely) a big birthday bash that has a silly theme somehow incorporating the number one in the title. In this instance, the cake smash theme was Top Gun! Complete with a bomber jacket and airplane, this session came out too cute for words.

The most shocking part of this session was how nicely he went into eating the cake. It wasn’t so much a cake smash as it was a cake tasting. Both my kids were similarly dainty when it came to their first birthday cakes. I can’t tell if the cakes are too sweet or they’re too big so it’s overwhelming and they don’t know where to start to get the best part. One thing is for sure, when they finally get a taste the sugar rush is real!

This mashup sessions made me realize how important family pictures are alongside commemorating a milestone. If you have a nearly one-year-old, or any other milestone to celebrate, I would love to capture two sessions in one for you. Let’s see if your little one is a sampler or a smasher when I see you on the other side of the lens!