Picture this… Your extended family is spread out in different cities roughly about two to three hours away from each other. You consistently see each other for holidays and important life events but those times together are short and far between. So when you want to have extended family photos taken, you find a central location for everyone to come together. The perfect meeting spot for this family was at Whitnall Park on a gorgeous fall day while the sunset lit the background trees in a beautiful glow.

As a family photographer specializing in photographing families with young children, this session was like hitting the jackpot. The air was crisp, the excitement palpable, and I couldn’t wait to capture the essence of their unique bonds highlighted by the little ones’ contagious energy.

We started off the session with traditional shots of everyone looking at the camera. Their outfits, combining a beautiful palate of greens and blues with neutrals thrown in, created a cohesive look throughout the group. There was a perfect balance between showing their individual styles but still binding them as one family unit. It was as if all three generations had gotten ready for the photo session together in the same place.

While I love capturing those picture-perfect moments where everyone is in their place and smiling at the camera, some of the most precious shots came from candid interactions. The genuine laughter, hugs, and shared affection made for beautiful, spontaneous photos that spoke volumes about their love for each other.

One of the best parts of this session was the sheer variety of images we managed to capture. There were individual family portraits, generational shots, and of course, the money shot of the whole group. Each from told a unique story and the warm colors and the background added warmth and charm, making the whole scene feel even cozier.

As we parted ways, the family were on their way to continue spending time together with a good meal and some treats for the kiddos. It is an immense honor to capture photos for families but even more special to see families come together for an evening of making memories, even after the camera is put away. Check out package options for family photos and then get in touch to book your own extended family session. I can’t wait to see you come together on the other side of the lens!